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Tea Princess Noori Princess Java

Tea is a wonderful gift of nature. In this section you will find information about all aspects of tea life - ranging from the tea plant to the brewing tips as well as information about Russian tea markets. Below you will also find some information about our brands: Princess Noori, Princess Kandi, Princess Gita, Princess Java.

"Princess Noori" Selected

Unique taste, excellent quality

Under the Princess Noori" brand Orimi Trade offers five kinds of selected high-quality Ceylon black leaf teas: two large-leaf grades - Best and Pekoe, two grades with "tips" - tea buds - Bouquet and Extra, and the exquisite Earl Grey. These teas ideally suit the requirements of the Russian consumers, many of whom are knowledgeable connoisseurs of tea. Strong bright flavour and rich aroma are the main qualities appreciated in tea by the Russian consumers. "Princess Noori" teas perfectly meet these expectations.

"Princess Noori" Kenyan

Princess Noori Kenyan is black tea grown near equator on the highlands of Kenya. The first tea plantations (gardens) appeared in Kenya only in the beginning of XX century, but in spite of its youth Kenyan tea today is one of the most popular in the world. It is appreciated for intensity, taste harmony, light aroma and very beautiful infusion colour. Moreover it is considered that namely Kenyan tea is ideal in combination with milk.

"Princess Noori" Original

Princess Noori Original is an excellent black tea with saturated taste, deep bright flavour and pleasant delicate aroma. Light bergamot notes slightly underline fine taste expressiveness of tea bouquet and exquisite piquancy of this grade.

"Princess Noori" High grown

To be closer to the sun.

High grown tea plantations normally are located at the altitude of 1000-2500 metres above the sea level. Unique mountainous climate famous for bright sunshine, pure fresh air and special water is ideal for the tea plant. High grown teas accumulate lots of natural energy in them.

"Princess Noori" Flavoured teas

Specially for those who expect from tea something more than traditional taste and aroma, company "Orimi Trade" offers collection of twelve kinds of black tea flavoured with different fruits and berries. The collection is based on excellent Ceylon tea with rich bright taste and intensive flavour.

"Princess Java"

The tea for your health

The green tea history numbers nearly five thousand years. It is of the same age as Egypt pyramids. Nevertheless it is very modern drink that becomes increasingly popular all over the world and Russia is not an exception to this trend. There are many reasons for the growing popularity of green tea. Green tea contains a set of practically all known vitamins. Physicians unanimously confirm this beverage to be extremely beneficial for health. Moreover, green tea quenches thirst.
"Orimi Trade" presents a collection of five different green tea grades under one brand "Princess Java". The new part of Princess Java product line is Karkade - Sudanese rose petals tea.

"Princess Java" Flavoured teas

In China, the birthplace of tea, they believe that the art of enjoying green tea is to be mastered with patience and step by step. We are used to black tea and at first the taste of green tea may seem unusual and even blank to us. For this reason for some it makes sense to meet the world of this wonderful drink through flavoured green teas - fine nuances of flowers and fruits will soften rather astringent natural flavour of green tea and will highlight fresh and individual bouquet. There are six flavoured teas offered under the brand Princess Java.

"Princess Java" Natural fruity tea

Princess Java also presents natural fruity teas collection without caffeine, based on hibiscus and rosehips four excellent drinks with summer aroma of ripe berries. Natural vitamin and microelements complexes, being the part of hibiscus and rosehip, raise the vitality and have a wholesome effect on the health.

"Princess Java" Herbal tea mate

Mate is the ethnic drink prepared from dried and crumbled Paraquay ilex leaves evergreen tree grown in South America. Mate, being the national drink of Brasil, Argentina, Paraguay, recently has become rather popular in Europe.
In trademark Princess Java mate collection there are: natural mate (both packed and loose) and flavoured mate

"Princess Kandy"

Really strong tea

"Princess Kandy" is classic Ceylon tea. The taste of this tea comes to your mind when you pronounce the word "tea". It has astringent bright - even "thick" - taste. Its aroma is of the same quality: brewed tea "Princess Kandy" strikes you with strong, characteristic "tea" flavour.

"Princess Kandy" Flavoured teas

Pincess Kandy flavoured tea collection combines eight grades of packed tea with various aromas.
Wonderful flavours of ripe fruits and berries introduce the vivacity to the soft taste of excellent Ceylon tea, underlining its intensity and freshness.

"Princess Gita"

Popular quality tea.

"Princess Gita" is the traditional Indian tea. Englishmen who traditionally drink tea with milk started the cultivation of tea plants in India in the 19th century. This partly explains why the Indian tea is so strong and has the pungent and astringent flavour and dark infusion. Granulated or CTC tea forms a substantial share in the overall volume of the tea produced in India. Under the brand "Princess Gita" the company markets classical leaf and CTC grades as well as convenient tea bags produced from Indian tea.